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Max Fried DAOM., LAc.

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

4426 Tilly Mill Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30360

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Email: dr.max@acupuncturedoc-atl.com


    There is no drug, surgery, product or procedure that is as efficient, effective and safe, at keeping you looking young and vibrant as your body’s own natural energy. As we age, lines form in the neck and face, and tissue begins to sag due to a few causes, among which is the fact that less blood and nourishment circulates to the face as we age. Acupuncture clears blocked energy, dead skin, and attracts blood, new energy and nourishing oils, within one’s own body, to the face. Facial acupuncture, with a well trained practitioner, brings vibrancy and youth back to the muscles and tissue of the face. That is why it is sometimes called the poor man’s face lift. However, it is not the poor man’s face lift. It is the wise man’s choice. Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation improves muscle tone and integrity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and improves body health and vitality and more.


    Dr. Fried uses only disposable needles, designed especially for facial acupuncture, in order to minimize discomfort and pain. The pain level, at worst, is far less than Botox . Most patients report feeling relaxed and peaceful during each treatment.


    As more and more “Qi” is attracted electromagnetically to the facial nerves, the muscles of the face tighten and strengthen. The muscles around the chin, mouth, and cheeks that may be sagging will begin to lift. As more and more nourishment and blood are attracted via vascular circulation to the tissue and lines around the muscles, the smaller the lines begin to look. The lines and tissue in the neck and around the eyes, nose, mouth and forehead become less visible. The tissue and even eyes will appear more vibrant and colorful.

    EXPERIENCE FACIAL REJUVENATION with Dr. Max Fried, who, along with extensive education, training, and over a decade of experience practicing TCM, as been trained in two different methods of FACIAL REJUVENATION. He uses traditional Chinese diagnostic methods to come up with a protocol designed specifically for each patient He, then, combines the best parts of different methods to get optimal results.

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